What's Happening On The Farm

Kale and Chard are being planted as we speak, or, shall we say.... Blog~
All hands on deck, everyone are on their toes to get the transplants in, meaning on hands and knees, digging holes, placing those newbies in, and covering gently yet swiftly!
Having been a remarkably dry week, we found that a little rain prayer, or more truthfully~a large lament on the prospect of getting the irrigation out, found pity upon us and brought at least some shade clouds, with a rain drop here and there, to at least allow the transplanting into the earth, a little less shocking for our little plants.

The cycle has begun, from seeds, to seedlings, to starters that spend a few days in the hardening area, to get used to the Earth's Elements ~ outside the comfort of the greenhouse... and then on to the field...
and that is exactally where they are now...

We are grateful as ever to our hard working, dedicated, story-telling, singing apprentices - who joyfully and commitedly dig and plant.. and follow the lead with ease.

~Thanks for sharing in the Sol~

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