Friday, September 23, 2011

Mosquitos are driving us f*#king crazy!!

We've found a purpose for the copious amounts of rain and we don't like it one bit. Breeding mosquitos. Earmuffs kids... F*#king Mosquitos. We have been harvesting at racetrack speed today. Poor Max's face is swollen from all the little suckers bites. We're even getting bit through our clothes. And yes, we are currently accepting sympathy. Just for a quick moment. We'll get through it! It's been a tough year, but we're tougher!

What we're harvesting....

Leeks! I think it's time for some Potato Leek Soup.
We also have salad greens, potatoes, peppers, onions, kale, chard, escarole, tomatoes, garlic, beets and carrots.

Happy 1st Day of Fall!!!

We love fall, even though it means farming season is winding down. It's a great time to make soup and we've got plenty of ingredients for them! How about White Bean and Escarole Soup or Potato Leek?? Need a recipe? Let us know and please feel free to share with one another.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rain, rain.. go away!!!

Looks like more rain folks! Just what we wanted to hear. Calling for another 5 inches and that’s about 4 inches too many. With the river already very full, this rain will for sure send the water rushing over the banks one more time. The good thing is it can’t do any worse than Irene.

Things were nice and dry out there after the beautiful weather we had last week, 6 sunny days to dry us out after the storm. Wow it felt like August! We quickly took advantage and got to cultivate our fall crops knocking out weeds in the lettuce, escarole, Asian greens, carrots and beets. Hayley then jumped on the tractor to disc in what were our summer roots, lettuce and greens to make room for a lush cover crop of oats and clover. (Side note…. we use cover crops after a cash crop to replenish the soil with nutrients, smother out weeds and protect our soil for the winter months. This insures us a rich soil to be planted for many years.) Then when the soil was dry enough we pushed on to seeding spinach, lettuce and arugula to see if we can’t make up for some losses because of Irene. We shall see. It is a little late to be putting seeds in the ground but who knows, we may have a warm fall which would make our growing season last a little longer.

I want to say thank you all for your support in the days after our flood. It has been a trying time here on the farm. We did lose some crops, but it was not as bad as other farms that experienced 100% crop loss. I guess that is how it goes out here on the farm. You win some you lose some. We are very thankful we have some fields that are away from the river in times like these. Who knew that August 2011 was going to be the wettest on record?!

Eat those tomatoes!!!!!

We have been busting our butts harvesting tomatoes before the rain washed the rest of them away too. Not really, but the rain will damage them so we spent our dry days picking the rest of them, even if they are/were a day or two away from ripe perfection. There are no holidays in the farming biz. Labor day really was laborious. (what a terrible word.... laborious)
Speaking tomato talk... this is a 'Last Call' for tomatoes!! One of our favorite summertime veggies is coming to an end. It has been a great tomato season despite the weather. Tomatoes loathe the copious amount of rain we've had, but they've been delicious despite their cracks of pain and weathered appearance. We've greatly enjoyed them and are sad to see 'em go. Until next season tomatoes... farewell.
We hope you are enjoying your late summer harvest.

To the big city.. NYC

Exciting new ventures for us and maybe you too! We are expanding our CSA this fall with two new drop off points to our southern friends in Brooklyn and the West Side. We will start delivering CSA shares Wednesday, September 14th to Crossfit South Brooklyn and at Columbus Tavern in Manhattan. If you or anyone you know is interested, please spread the word and have them contact us. This is a city premiere that will run through November.

Time to kick back with the farmer's

Farmer's Feast tickets will be available as soon as they are in our possession. This will hopefully be this week. Tickets are $40 and for sale in the farm store. I hope you're as excited as we are!! Save the date to party with us.. Sunday, October 9th. Great food, friends and music.

With wet boots we thank you again!