Wednesday, August 3, 2011

This is a time to remember…… what better way than by preserving the harvest for winter.

We are rolling in it at the farm and are experiencing some bumper crops! We were thinking if you have the time and space, we have the food to preserve. This week’s abundance includes cucumbers and summer squash. Both are great for pickling! CSA members get a special price of $1 per pound. So get those jars ready and pick those dill flowers because the time is now folks and it goes quick!

Field update: The melons are looking really good and we are so excited to bust one open and taste the sweetness but we have to wait just a little bit longer. We will be picking our first peppers this week and you should see how many shapes, colors and sizes will be on the table so get ready for a pepper taste test. Sungold tomatoes are ripening and there should be some for all. That's right, finally some tomatoes available in your share. We are just getting started so this is just a taste before we are in tomato heaven. Another crop to watch out for is the butter beans or edamame. We should have this healthy little bean next week. It feels like we are constantly keeping up around here. Harvest, harvest, harvest; weed, weed, weed; sell, sell, sell. Sleep? Overrated.

The big harvests are about to start here at the farm. The crew have been working out their muscles all season in preparation to bring those melons in. I LOVE August; I think its my favorite!

Enjoy the harvest.

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