Thursday, May 6, 2010

May 6th 2010

It is amazing to be able to track the rain and weather with our trusty computers. We know when it is going to rain, when the sun will come out, and how to judge when and where and how we should transplant, plow, and wait...

I found myself pondering what we would do without the internet here, that we have began to lean on as such a tool. But, I pondered with an appreciation that we have it. It is modern day, to be able to see what the weather station says, and it is ancient to look up to the clouds, pay attention to the wind, and feel the moisture in the air. We live in both. Deeply grateful for both.
And trying to live it - integrated - and balanced.

They are all just more and more tools under our belts.

Planting in the rain today was glorious. The earth smelled rich, the onions especially were fragrant and the earth was moist enough to get those transplants in and well started. It is one of Andy's FAVORITE rows that we planted today. It is always great when the farmer is Happy!

Looking around, it is a blessing to be out here. A sense of real joy to be planting what will soon be in the hands and mouths of our members. friends, family, customers, and OURSELVES~

We need just a little more rain heavens OK?
Do they read blogs in Heaven?
"Let it rain, let it rain....the gods want to feed me"
-Arrested Development

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